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New Year's Eve at a Farmhouse can be so Unique and Special versus a House party or a Hotel Event

When it comes to Christmas and New Year celebrations, each person has their own way of celebrating, while some may prefer to sit at home and party; some may prefer to roam around the city crazily to enjoy the essence of this special day!

When the great outdoors has so much in store for you, why don’t you just give a great start to the year by enjoying this special New Year Eve in the midst of nature at a Farmhouse?

Lonavala and Karjat are ideally located at two hours driving distance from both Mumbai and Pune; there are close to thousand places over here that are worth talking about, but then, each place is unique so no matter what you choose give nature a chance this year... so pack your bags and come on over to Welcome your Christmas and New Year - Happy Holidays!

Need more reasons? The winter chill in Lonavala and Karjat make it an ideal time to take a break from the stress of our daily life and plan a memorable party event holiday with loved ones within a few hours of the city!

After the rough year that 2021 has been, we will have to keep our celebrations limited by gatherings and time, but certainly there is a place where we can have the best of both. Celebrations at a farmhouse or a villa allows us to have more quality conversations and more fun with our loved ones.

The farmhouses and villas in Lonavala and Karjat have more personalised service to make your celebrations a memory to cherish through times. Such properties are designed to offer a complete party experience for a close knit group in safety, good food and with facilities like a private pool, indoor games, cycling, private party area, or an early morning/ sundown walks in the midst of nature it all adds up to an ultimate experience of magnificence which only a farmhouse can provide

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Trith Wal Di Tass
Trith Wal Di Tass
Nov 14, 2022

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