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Long weekend Getaway from Mumbai

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Mumbai, often called the Financial Capital of India, is famed for its busy urban life. While the city is filled with amazing nightlife, shopping, beaches, architecture, and places to visit of its own; there comes a time when you’ve got to explore the nearby locations which include the stunning hills, beaches, and forts. Though living in fast-paced Mumbai has many perks involved with it, this is a city that never sleeps and can easily leave you exhausted and longing for a vacation. So, the question is, where do you go for a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai? Let’s dive deep into it!

Top Places for a Weekend Getaway Near Mumbai

Many places around Mumbai will help you get out of the mundane and fast city life. And if you are craving for that breath of fresh air to rejuvenate your senses, you have come to the right place as I'll tell you some secrets which will provide you with relaxation and joy in every moment.

TRAVEL TIP - How to plan this long relaxing weekend? After all, there is the added stress of COVID, thus you need to be careful and avoid crowded places. Then comes the budget. Longer vacations can be expensive and a 1day detour might not help you relax properly. So the best option can be a 2-3 day holiday, relaxing enough without burning the pocket!

Now, here are some of the best locations to visit for a short vacation near Mumbai.

So the best option can be a 2-3 day holiday, relaxing enough without burning the pocket! Now, let's begin with the location. There are multiple options from which you can choose your next destination:

1. Lonavala and Khandala

Nestled about 87 km from Mumbai, Lonvala and Khandala are twin-havens that offer a perfect weekend getaway from Mumbai. Set away from the hustle and bustle of city-life, the hill stations offer an amazing escape for leisure as well as adventure seekers. If you’re someone who’s longing for a family vacation, these little pieces of heaven in the Western Ghats have it all.

From dramatic valleys and forts to the ancient marvels of Karla Caves that will blow your mind away, the hill stations of Lonavala and Khandala await you with their amazing wonders. But hang on, is that it? Well, if you’re one of those who prefer to spend a lazy weekend with loved ones, Lonavala and Khandala have to be your choice. The best part? You get to open your eyes to the mesmerizing view of lush green hills. So much for a weekend getaway, right?

2. Tarkarli

Admit it, nothing beats the fun involved in off-beat weekend getaways. The off-road drives, the sound of the gushing river and an occasional ancient discovery, all this makes for a vacation like no other. But the question is, where do you find such a location near Mumbai?

Guess what? The answer's right here. Set in the Western Indian state of Maharashtra, Tarkarli may not be as popular of a destination amongst tourists but this beautiful seaside town has all you desire for a perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai. Rooted approximately 532 kilometers away from Aamchi Mumbai, it is a village that will take your breath away. As travelers put it in their own words, Tarkarli is all about rejuvenating your senses. So, why not come and spend some time in this dreamy seaside town?

3. Lavasa

If Tarkali is fun, this next beautiful town is no different. So answer this, have you ever dreamt about going on an Italian adventure? What if I say there’s a city that oozes the Italian vibe in the heart of India? You won’t believe me, right? Well, that’s Lavasa for you. A stylish planned city set in close proximity to Pune, Lavasa resembles the Italian town of Portofino.

Famed for its tranquility and new urbanism, this beautiful city is located approximately 188 km away and offers a perfect weekend getaway near Mumbai. As one would describe it, Lavasa is like an art and its builders, the artists. Not just a beautiful city in the Pune district, it is also a popular weekend getaway spot and for good reasons. Breathtaking views, and soothing weather make it a worthy choice for a short getaway.

4. Karjat

You called heaven? You got it! Probably the most favorite pick of all destinations as far as all-round experiences are concerned, Karjat is where you’ve got to visit on a weekend getaway from Mumbai. Set only 62 km apart, there are various farms that offer farm stay in Karjat with swimming pool that has all the attributes to be your next favorite destination. From lush green scenic mountains in the rainy season to the soothing sound of the river, Karjat offers it all.

Wish to dive deep into the arms of nature? Don’t miss the gorgeous Ulhas Valley, or the ancient marvels of Kondana Caves. In fact, Karjat houses the ancient Kondeshwar Temple that is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and is a popular Hindu Pilgrimage site in the state of Maharashtra. For tourists, this is a destination that is worth consideration.

5. Matheran

Now moving away from the beautiful town of Karjat, there's something about hill stations in the state of Maharashtra that screams a vacation. And one such hill station that sets the bar high is Mantheran. Nestled just 83 km away and another beautiful weekend getaway near Mumbai, this quaint piece of land is, in fact, the smallest hill station in India. It is a destination where motor vehicles are banned and travelers arrive through the scenic route of narrow-gauge railway that operates here.

If you're someone who easily falls in love with nature, Matheran is a paradise that has a whole lot more in store for you. From the panoramic views of the cloudy mountains to the gift of natural waterfalls and ancient fortresses, this hill station will surely surprise you. But, hang on! Do you know what really makes Matheran popular? Well, this is a town that has managed to retain its old-world charm. Not only can travelers take in that old-world charm but can also catch a glimpse of the amazing sunset here.

6. Alibaug

About 93 km from Mumbai, Alibaug is another coastal town that offers a worthy vacation in Maharashtra. A popular weekend getaway from Mumbai, this is a town that is particularly famous for its lovely beaches. If you're a beach bum who fancies spending time amidst the sun and the sand, Alibaug will not disappoint you.

And not just that, you get to feel the serenity and beauty of little cottages and farms that reside near the seashore. If you're up for a dose of history, you can visit the 17th-Century Kolaba Fort or the Portuguese-built Korlai Fort towards the south of the town. So, why not spend a day or two in this scenic part of Maharashtra?

7. Neral

Now here's a thing, Neral may be largely unknown amongst tourists but this hidden gem houses many wonders unknown. Nestled about 74 km away in the Raigad District of Maharashtra, this is a town that offers an amazing weekend getaway from Mumbai.

As travelers put it themselves, Neral will bring out the adventure seeker in you. With huge waterfalls, ancient fortresses, and an array of adventure activities to keep yourself busy with, Neral is sure to keep your stressful life at bay.

8. Mahabaleshwar

Now let's come far from the unknown wonder of Neral and talk about a hill station that is well within reach for a weekend getaway from Mumbai. That's right, if you're traveling from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, the scenic journey alone will leave your soul stirring. Particularly famed for its evergreen forests, this gorgeous piece of land was once the summer capital under the British Government.

Today, it offers just about everything one would desire from an off-beat vacation. From the thrills of horse riding and trekking to the watery fun of boating, fishing and other water sports, Mahabaleshwar has it all, just 263 KM away from Mumbai. Want to know more about this old summer capital? Why not come and see for yourself?


1. Find a free weekend and complete all your work before heading over to relax.

2. Now decide whether you want some time alone for yourself or you want to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

3. Once decided, look up for activities you love the most and choose your destination accordingly.

Our Pick For You: Karjat - The Little Konkan Town

So, here’s the thing,There are hundreds of places to choose from, but what makes Karjat so special?

1. A 2-hour drive to Karjat from Mumbai doesn't hurt much. You can enjoy the scenic route of the drive and not be bored by traveling for hours.

2. It is a perfect location right from a solo trip to a couples retreat or even a family outing with parents or kids. Girls' week out or a party with the boys? Yes, the location is suitable for everyone.

Things to do in Karjat

Since it's a retreat from city life, you can easily book some farmhouses around the town. Rejuvenate yourself with the beauty of town along with a long nice dip in the pool, head over to some barbecue, and get a long night's sleep in those comfy beds. What else do you need from life?

But hold on, that's not just it. There are so many places in Karjat to explore for those adventure seekers as well. There are some very ancient and imposing temples in the town which attract a lot of Hindu Pilgrims.

Not just the treks but you can indulge in activities like hiking, trekking, and river rafting. This adorable little town is popular for its ambrosial landscapes as well as awe-inspiring fresh natural beauty. In Karjat, you have to visit the stunning and ancient Kondana caves, popular for their adventurous trek and bewildering beauty, along with the beautifully sculpted riveting temple of Kondeshwar.

That's not it, take a shower and slide down under the Bhivpuri waterfall, and trek up to the Sondai fort to witness the phenomenal view of the Changewadi waterfall along with it. Some other treks that are popular are the Chanderi Fort Trek and Matheran Trek via Rambagh Point and Peth Fort.

And you cannot certainly miss out on the lovely valley of Ulhas that is replete with nature’s marvels and encompasses the most wondrous streams and fragrant waterfalls. You can also do rock climbing, white water rafting, and hiking over here.

Once your lovely refreshing weekend is over, before returning to the city, don't forget about your weeks as well. Stock up on fresh and organic fruits and vegetables from the special Saturday Market.

Places to Stay in Karjat

There are a lot of options available for your accommodation in Karjat, ranging from hotels, resorts, villas, farm stays to homestays. Depending on the number of people and type of vacation you need, you can opt from high-end resorts to budget-friendly homestays. You can look for the best resort in Karjat for couples or the best resort in Karjat for families or a bungalow or a farmhouse with a swimming pool, all these searches will have one thing in common - the need to spend some quality time with yourself and your loved ones!


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