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Harmony between Nature and Infrastructure

Nestled in 16 acres of farmland, our gorgeous establishment is eco-friendly no RCC was used during construction and natural ventilation combined with thermal insulation of the roof helps to reduce the temperature indoors with minimal requirement for air conditioning except during peak summers. The design creates harmony between nature and the infrastructure we have built. All the organic waste at the farm is also used effectively to generate manure used for the plantations. The dense mango orchard and rain harvesting water, support all plantations while attracting many birds all through the year on the farm.

On visiting our guests can indulge in plenty of activities like river-walk, taking a stroll in between the organically grown plantations, enjoy at the swimming pool with deck, and also enjoy other activities like cycling, bullock cart ride, badminton, indoor games including table tennis, foosball, board games. The property is Senior Citizen friendly as the layout is on a single floor. The bungalow has power backup.

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